Final ingame impressions

So, here it goes, this is what the final game looks like.

If you are looking for a detailed description of the UI and controls, make sure to check out our handbook.

Shoot and destroy asteroids to clear the line of sight on the battlefield.

Each ship has a unique attack pattern. But no matter how many shots are fired or what color they are, the whole volley always deals the damage noted in its respective “attack damage” value.
Be careful how you spend your movement points. Else you might leave your ships without a way back – serving them to your opponent on a silver platter.
If you look closely, you can tell from the impact explosion if a projectile managed to penetrate a ship’s hull or bounced off on the shield
Artilleries shoot indirectly. Whether they have a line of sight to their target or not – their missiles allways hit.
There’s no way you will miss a ship being destroyed.


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