First Ingame Impressions

Alright, time for some ingame screenshots

Read the descriptions above each screenshot to know whats going on – or just enjoy the imagery.

Selection menu

This is, where players pick the ships for their fleets.
The ships available are displayed with all their relevant statistics in the center field.

Both players start with 15 energy, our ingame currency. Each ship has an energycost, depending on how powerful it is, displayed at the top right of the datasheet.

Notice the energybar, displaying how much energy players have left at the top of their fleet list.

The stars are placeholder images, of course.

Screenshot selection menu
selection menu.



This is where the ships are put onto the battlefield before the actual combat.

Both players place a ship in turn, Player 1 (yellow) on the leftmost fields, Player 2 (red) on the rightmost fields.

The order in which ships are placed is crucial to a players tactic, since the placement sequence also determines the ships turns. First placed, first to turn active.

The sequence of placed ships is displayed in the bottom center. Ships have a frame in the color of their owner.

screenshot placement
Player 1 placing first ship
screenshot placement 2
all ships placed


Main phase

This is where things go down for real.

Ships are activated in order of their placement.
The active ship is marked blue on the battlefield.

The turn sequence is displayed at the bottom center, with the active ship being the leftmost.
If hovered in the turnsequence bar, ships are marked red on the battlefield for better orientation.

In this screenshot, the movement range of the active ship is displayed ( green tiles ), while the player hovers over the ship next in the turn sequence.

screenshot ingame
screenshot mainphase


That’s it for today.

You might have noticed that all ships look the same. That’s because at the moment we focus on GUI and game mechanics. The ships used,  as well as the thumbnail star-images and some other things are placeholders.

We can’t wait to implement our actual models and imagery to make our game look more pretty.

Of course, we’ll show you the result as soon as possible, so make sure to check back soon.


So long, Captain!



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