Meet the crew

You already got a glimpse of our space ships a while back.
Now you can check them out in all their glory and learn what they are used for.

Fighters thrive in the heat of battle. They race across the field to flank slower ships or take out high priority targets in swift hit and run actions.

Once a ship is caught in the artillerie’s sights, there’s barely a chance to dodge its devastating damage. Their unmatched range allows them to stay in the outer areas of the battlefield and send their strikes down on enemies from a safe distance. On the downside, artilleries are very vulnerable and won’t last long without protection.


The tank’s design is heavily influenced by Turtles and Elephants – and for good reason. These ships have a thick skin – and an even thicker shell to protect it. Use them to block enemy fire from your weaker ships – they can take it. Choose wisely where you send them, though – it will take them a while to get there.


This flying cannon has but one sole purpose which everything in its construction is dedicated to – down to the last atom: To destroy everything in its path. So if you find yourself on the wrong end of this plasma ball shooting death machine – run!


By the way: You may have noticed that each ship’s texture only shows shades of one base color from a rather flashy pallet.
That’s because in game, all ships will adept their respective team’s color: Red or Yellow. Hence, we dumped multicolored textures.
The colors you see in these screenshots are taken from the ship’s respective thumbnails in the game, so you can recognize them more easily.




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