Several aeons later…

… We can proudly announce the official release of SQR³!


Nice! Where do I get it?

Head on over to our download page to get the game packed up into a nice 7zip file,
along with some instructions and additional info.

Also, we think there is some things worth knowing about our game.
So, keepin’ it oldschool, like most of our inspiration, we made a handbook. Yep.
It introduces the game and will make you familiar with its mechanics.
You can get it separately on our download page.

What could possibly take anyone this long? – Reminiscing

It’s been 27 months since we first started working on this project.
We spent the first three months with preproduction and prototyping. At the end of which, we pitched the game to an audience of fellow devs to get some feedback.
Full on development started around month six and we got a lot of stuff done.
By the ten month mark, we had a prototype that showcased our core mechanics and style. We presented it to a broader audience at an indie vernissage which, again, provided us with important feedback. Unfortunately, due to our diverging engagements and locations, scheduling became much harder after that.

So we had to put the project on hold for about twelve months. We picked it back up this summer to quickly finish the whole thing and be done with it. But passion struck and we fixed and improved a lot of things we didn’t actually intend to, at that point. Among those are custom voice overs for all ships, improvements on the UI, a completely redesigned menu and even a custom soundtrack. It took us another five months or so, but looking at the result, I think it was worth it.


So, you’re satisfied then?

Well, twenty-seven months is a long time for a small student project like ours.
It was a rocky and holey road at the end of which the game didn’t exactly turn out the way it was planned (of course).
Still, we gained some valuable experiences and are proud of our product.

We’re glad we made it and hope you are too.

See You, Space Cowboys!

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