Several aeons later…

… We can proudly announce the official release of SQR³!


Nice! Where do I get it?

Head on over to our download page to get the game packed up into a nice 7zip file,
along with some instructions and additional info.

Also, we think there is some things worth knowing about our game.
So, keepin’ it oldschool, like most of our inspiration, we made a handbook. Yep.
It introduces the game and will make you familiar with its mechanics.
You can get it separately on our download page.

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Create your own fleet!

To be successful in space skirmishes, every player needs to create his own personal fleet. There are currently seven different spaceship classes. We wanted to separate the good admirals from the bad ones, by making the player decide which spaceship to choose for the particular job.

In this update I want to talk about the creation process of our 3D spaceships. Since every ship has a different role in the game, players should recognize this role immediately when seeing the ship for the very first time. We have nimble fighters, tough tanks and strong damage dealers.

Before I start modeling a certain ship, I am searching for reference and inspiration. Since we have no concept artist and I am the worst 2D artist in the world, I was mainly searching for concepts on deviant art and popular tv shows like Cowboy Bebop or Battlestar Galactica. I start with some simple box modeling in 3dsmax to get the basic shape of the ship. When I am happy with the base, I start extruding and chamfering to add some details to the surface. Afterwards I modeled the weapons for the ship and attached them to the base mesh. I used a lot of different modifiers to achieve a good end result and exported the final mesh for my colleague Lukas. He textured the ship Mudbox and created a bump map of the surface, so it is possible for the player to observe the details without using trillions of polygons. The working time for a ship differs from 30 to 40 hours.

The next step for our game will be the creation of some nice environmental assets like planets, asteroids and space stations. If you have any questions concerning the 3D asset creation of our ships, feel free to send us a message.


See you next time!


Hello and thanks for stopping by the SQR³ developement blog.

Here we are going to document our ideas and processes while developing our game  over the course of the next months.
We’re in a very early stage with the game and this site as of yet, so there is lots to come.
Our plan is to start with an introduction to SQR³’s general concept shortly and continue with regular updates henceforth.
You’re going to learn about the game itself, as well as the team behind it and how we work.

See you soon!